Everyone, meet our toilet-hygiene-pioneering wiping alternative.

It’s a toilet paper spray. A moistener, if you will.

Made from all-natural ingredients our spray is gentle on your bits, easy on the earth and small enough to carry in your pocket. And, it’s simple to use. Very simple. Just take your regular toilet paper, spray it with Cheeky Clean – once, twice, thrice – and glide the moistened paper over your delicate tush. Satisfied wiper + squeaky clean rump = a guaranteed spring in your step. Trust us.

Cheeky Clean. For us, for you, for people who poo.

It was Christmas Eve, mid-morning, and Chris was in the middle of a particularly difficult bathroom break. He wiped, wiped and wiped again, but things were not perfect.

This can’t be it, he thought. There has to be a better way.

He got on the phone.

Mum, he said. I’ve been thinking … what if toilet paper was moist? Not in the roll, obviously, but just as you go to use it? I’m sick of sub-standard wiping. I think I have a solution. I’m going to create a toilet paper spray.

He paused.
She laughed.

Get back to work, she said. Take your mind out of the toilet.

Chris frowned.

What was wrong with thinking about the bathroom?

If the whole process was easier, he wouldn’t have to dwell on it. Surely, he wasn’t the only one feeling like this. If bone-dry two ply and pipe clogging wet wipes were the only options out there – how many others were desperate for change?

He picked up his phone. He knew who to call. His brother John – a big time bathroom user and fellow woeful wiper.

John, he said. I have an idea...

Planning began right away. While Chris imagined life without chafing, John reached out to Joel, a friend who dabbled in soap. With Joel on board, their idea became something bigger. Something brighter. Something real.

The three of them looked around, found a lab and sniffed hundreds of essential oils. They talked into the night and made several samples. They tweaked them and changed them and tried them again. They sprayed testers on toilet paper and rated their wipes out of ten.

They weren’t interested in synthetics, they wanted all-natural, eco-friendly and sustainable – or nothing. The world has enough on its plate, they thought. We’re not out to add to the problems, we’re here to make things better, easier, smoother. We’re here to clean up the way we wipe.

Finally, they had it. Lemon, tea-tree, aloe vera, chamomile … a pocket-sized bottle of bottom bliss.

They loved it. Their friends loved it. Their mother-of-four sister-in-law thought it was a miracle. Before long, cheeks across the country were being cleaned with the respect they deserved. They’d done it. And not just for themselves – for people everywhere.

They’d done it for mums and dads and nanas and pops. For toilet-training toddlers and folks with bad bowels. For big nights and food poisoning, mornings and lunch breaks.

… and everything and everyone in-between.

Cheeky Clean. For us, for you, for people who poo.

For hard ones and soft ones and bits that won’t budge. For itchers and chafers and people with rashes.
For plane trips and car trips and festival long drops. For lovers of feeling as clean as a whistle.
For tushies and rear-ends and happy hindquarters

… and everything and everyone in-between. Cheeky Clean. For us, for you, for people who poo.