Toilet paper spray.
For us, for you.
For people who poo.

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Smooth, satisfying and sustainable wiping.

For too long, we’ve soldiered on with what we’ve been given: bone-dry toilet paper or plastic-filled wet wipes. We’ve felt the paper smear and chafe, and seen the wipes destroy our drains. We knew there had to be a better way to clean our precious cheeks. A way to have comfortable and effective wiping, without the environmental guilt. We looked around. We couldn’t find one. So, we made one.

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Butt why?


Cheeky Clean’s lubrication decreases the risk of developing any painful and avoidable conditions and injuries that can occur down betwixt the cheeks.


Cheeky clean is a neutral and natural way to clean your behind and remove the remaining bacteria, something dry toilet paper just can not do.


Don’t even get us started on what wet wipes do to the environment. Micro fibres/plastics are an abomination and you won’t find any in our spray.


Cheeky Clean is the equivalent of over 400 wet wipes so you’re really getting some bang for your buck when you buy a bottle.

Each Cheeky Clean 200ml bottle is the equivalent of at least 400 wet wipes

Lemon tea tree

Aloe Vera



"As a disabled adult I’ve cringed buying wet wipes and baby wipes. Now this spray means I can’t feel a bit better about needing it as well as the environmental impact. The spray does what it says, only light mist needed. The scent is lovely too. Something I can have in my bathroom and not feel I need to hide."

“Sometimes I get nervous before auditions and need to take a nervous poo. Luckily Cheeky Clean keeps me feeling fresh and ready for the task at hand ”

"This product is worth every cent. I don't know how I got on without it, I feel especially fresh & clean after using it. i have never had a problem with toilet paper disintegrating and it is so much better than clogging the system with wet wipes which don't break down in the sewage system & cause blockages. I highly recommend this product to friends & family."

"Cheeky Clean has become the bathroom necessity I never knew I needed. Not many products stand up to the standard of what I’ll put on my skin, but again Cheeky Clean delivers. Once you plop you can’t stop."

"This works to freshen up my nether regions & it has the most beautiful scent. I love it"

"I don't know what I would do without this product. I love it! I've left one in 3 of the houses I regularly stay at and at the office. It's amazing and so helpful. Would be great if you made mini versions so they could be easy to take with you when you go out and about. Thanks again :)"

"A happy pair of bums we now have got
Wet wipes no longer being left to rot
Any chance of buying in bulk to prevent
Small plastic bottles to recycling being sent?
We could then fill a smaller container to fit
In a handbags or pocket to be used on outings when we sit
Congratulations on this fantastic thing
No more discomfort left around any ring."

"Cheeky Clean spray is a great alternative to flushable wipes for bathroom cleanliness."

"Amazing product, it has helped me through some monster poos."

"I've always been a huge fan of a prawn masala, but the aftermath often isn't worth it. Thanks to Cheeky Clean's toilet paper spray, I can now go for a prawn masala or even a spicy vindaloo whenever I want!"

"Cheeky Clean is the perfect addition to our bathrooms - it keeps you feeling fresh and clean after each little toilet stop"

"I am reordering as gave a friend my second bottle and we both can’t do without it.Always feel so clean after using this amazing product…big 👍"

"Great product delivered promptly. Have been using it for a month and have hardly used any but have lovely comfy derrière👏 Thank you for developing such a product."

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