The Spray

At Cheeky Clean, we believe in something pretty simple.

Smooth, satisfying and sustainable wiping.

For too long, we’ve soldiered on with what we’ve been given: bone-dry toilet paper or plastic-filled wet wipes. We’ve felt the paper smear and chafe, and seen the wipes destroy our drains. We knew there had to be a better way to clean our precious cheeks. A way to have comfortable and effective wiping, without the environmental guilt. We looked around. We couldn’t find one. So, we made one.

Everyone, meet our toilet-hygiene-pioneering wiping alternative.

It’s a toilet paper spray. A moistener, if you will.

Made from all-natural ingredients our spray is gentle on your bits, easy on the earth and small enough to carry in your pocket. And, it’s simple to use. Very simple. Just take your regular toilet paper, spray it with Cheeky Clean – once, twice, thrice – and glide the moistened paper over your delicate tush. Satisfied wiper + squeaky clean rump = a guaranteed spring in your step. Trust us.

Cheeky Clean. For us, for you, for people who poo.



Our Story

It was Christmas Eve, mid-morning, and Chris was in the middle of a particularly difficult bathroom break. He wiped, wiped and wiped again, but things were not perfect.

This can’t be it, he thought. There has to be a better way.

He got on the phone...

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